Woman Robs Three Banks in 30 Minutes to Pay for Daughter’s Graduation Party

A 50-year-old woman went to extreme lengths to pay for an epic graduation party for her daughter. She is accused in three bank robberies, which occurred within the span of a half hour on the Monday after Mother’s Day. Now after several months the woman, identified as Cindy Sanchez Carabeo, has entered a guilty plea in federal court.

“You know, it’s very rare that women rob banks,” police spokesman, Larry McKinnon said. “This woman robbed three banks within 30 minutes. So that made it even more rare.”

She could be sentenced with up to 20 years in prison for the robberies, which netted her more than $6,000. She hit up a BB&T Bank, a Wells Fargo, and a Florida Central Credit Union.

Carabeo has no prior criminal record, and in her plea deal listed three motivated behind her crime spree. She said she wanted to use the money to pay for her daughter’s graduation party, and also because she was unemployed and behind on rent at the time.

During the robberies, Carabeo issued threatening notes to bank tellers with instructions.

The note’s included threats of gun violence and even death. Another note to a teller said “Happy Mother’s Day.”

Authorities were able to track her to an apartment, after red dye packs from the money exploded in her car leaving a trail behind her. She was promptly arrested.