Woman Runs US Championship Race 8 Months Pregnant

It’s hard for me to sprint 800 meters with my average gut. If I had a tiny person growing inside of me? Forget about it!

That didn’t stop olympian Alysia Montano though. While she crossed the finish line dead last in the 800 meter race at the US Championships, Montano got a standing ovation from the crowd just the same.

Montano was just 6 weeks from her impending due date, and her story and unlikely efforts inspired fans to cheer her on in an unprecedented show of support.

Social media sites even lit up after the race, full of people eager to congratulate Montano on her unlikely feat, calling her an “inspiration” and a “superwoman.”

Montano, a five-time track and field champs, managed to finish the race in 2 minutes, 32.13 seconds at the race, a qualifying heat that took place Thursday in Sacramento, Calif. She told reporters that her midwife and doctor gave her the greenlight to run despite how far along she was.

“I’ve been running throughout my entire pregnancy and I’ve felt really, really good during the whole process,” she said.