Woman Drives BMW Into Ocean, Miraculously Saved Seconds Before It Sinks

According to the New Zealand Herald, the woman featured in the following photos was saved by the heroic efforts of complete strangers and police officers, as her BMW was sinking near the Fisherman’s Wharf in Auckland.

woman drowning 1

“At the time the car actually started to move very fast into the water,” Russell explained to the Herald. “I was trying to hold the car, slowing it down from entering the water.”

woman drowning 2

As pictured in this image, the two officers — Paul Watts and Simon Russell — tried to get the woman out of the back window.

A large rock was used to shatter the window.

woman drowning 3

The tactic worked, and they were able to free the terrified woman.

The officers estimate that it only took them between 30 and 40 seconds to get her out after the window was broken.

Had it taken much longer, Watts is certain the car would completely submerge. “I’d say she probably only had a maximum of another minute or minute-and-a-half if she hadn’t gotten out.”

woman drowning 5

It is not yet known how the woman ended up driving her car into the water. Police are now investigating.

The woman’s name hasn’t been released, and she is in stable condition.

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