Woman Sees Everything Upside Down Due to Rare Brain Condition

Do you remember learning in the third grade that when we open our eyes, we initially see things upside down but the brain flips it so fast that we can’t register it? Imagine having a brain condition that did the opposite and switched the process around so you always saw things upside down.

That’s what 28-year-old Bojana Danilovic from Serbia deals with everyday of her life. She has a rare condition called Spatial Orientation Phenomenon that leaves her brain unable to process images correctly.

For this reason the economics graduate has to read papers from the bottom up, use an upside down screen while using a computer, and watches a TV that balances on its top, according to Express news.

Speaking of her experience with a local news outlet, Danilovic said, “It may look incredible to other people but to me it’s completely normal.”

“I was born that way. It’s just the way I see the world.”

As for what causes her condition, experts from Harvard University and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have no answer.

“They say my eyes see the images the right way up but my brain changes them. But they don’t really seem to know exactly how it happens, just that it does and where it happens in my brain. They told me they’ve seen the case histories of some people who write the way I see, but never someone quite like me.”