Woman Selling Diploma on Ebay for $50,000 to Pay Her Loans

Attending a four-year university can be extremely expensive if you’ve taken out multiple loans throughout the years. Usually, you try to pay those loans off right away with your first couple of jobs out of college.

Stephanie Ritter, a graduate of Florida State University, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre. Her surprise when she got out into the ‘real world’ was disappointing. Frustrated with her lack job prospects and the amount of money she spent to get her diploma, she decided to sell it.


She is selling it for $10,000 more than it’s worth because she has added in the “college experience.” On her Ebay page, some of the things this college experience includes are:

  • A tour of Florida State University
  • Access to all her college memories/photos
  • A show at the FSU School of Theatre
  • An authentic FSU home football or basketball game

We’re not sure if she is being genuine with her sell post or not, but she says if her diploma does not sell, she will be in massive debt and will be force to ”pay the minimum for 25 years and then the government feels so bad for you that they wipe it clean.”

Or she just hopes a rich family would “adult Daddy Warbucks” her.