Woman Sentenced After Her Toddler Son Dies While She Checked Facebook

Claire Barnett, a 31-year-old mother, was sentenced to five years in prison in a heartbreaking negligence case. A judge declared that she was at fault for the death of her toddler son, who died because Barnett was distracted and checking her Facebook account on her phone.

Her son was only two-years-old at the time.

Barnett’s son Josh was playing near a pond in East Yorkshire in March, 2014. According to reports, the boy fell into the pond, but Barnett was too busy on her phone and didn’t take notice that her son was struggling for his life.

When she did finally realize what was happening, Josh had drowned. He was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Heartbreakingly, it was revealed that this wasn’t a one-off accident. Barnett has a history of child endangerment and neglect. Neighbors claim they’d witnessed the child playing in the middle of the street and nearly get hit by cars.

In his ruling, the judge said “your son died due to your neglectful conduct. You will have to live with that for the remainder of your life. For a parent to behave as you did, repeatedly, amounts to consistently bad parenting.”

He also noted that he hopes that if Barnett has any children in the future that they will be removed from her custody, and deemed Barnett a risk to any child in her care.

Barnett plead guilty in connection to Josh’s death.