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WATCH: Woman Sets Record for World’s Largest Hips

When it comes to junk in the trunk, J-Lo and Beyonce have nothing on Mikel Ruffinelli.
The 39-year-old plus-size model was recently recognized by the World Record Academy for having the largest hips. And her hips don’t lie!
Weighing in at 420 pounds, Ruffinelli’s hips have a staggering eight-foot circumference. She says that she absolutely loves her curves, which apparently run in the family.
“I look great,” she told the Daily Mail. “I hope I inspire women to think, ‘She’s happy with her body, I can be too’.”
But despite her positive attitude, she is forced to drive a truck, is unable to stand for long periods of time and receives incessant ugly comments because of her figure.
“Everywhere I go I get attention for my hips — both good and bad,” she said. “When I walk down the street I can hear the shutters going off on camera phones and people laughing at me.”

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