Woman Shows No Remorse After Murdering Boyfriend by Shooting Him in the Face

Love can make people do crazy things.

Every single day around the world, plenty of people commit heinous crimes out of jealous rage, passion or obsession. In Shayna Hubers’ case, it was jealousy that drove her to shoot and kill her 29-year-old ex-boyfriend, Ryan Poston.

The couple had been dating on and off for about a year, when Hubers became extremely delusional, often stalking him at his home and refusing to leave.

On October 12, 2012, police arrived to a grisly scene in Poston’s apartment. He was lying dead in a pool of his own blood.

The night before, he had explained to his stepfather that his relationship with Hubers was completely over and he planned to go out on a date with Miss Ohio contestant Audrey Bolte.

But the former honor student wasn’t about to allow that to happen. Hubers didn’t want their relationship to be over. So, instead of allowing him to fall into the arms of another woman, she killed him.

Hubers shot him six times, and then later claimed he was abusive and she had to fire the weapon in self-defense. But a text message sent to one of her friends, Christie Oyler, prior to the shooting proved otherwise.

The text read: “When I go to the shooting range [with] ryan tonight I want to turn around and shoot and kill him and play like [it’s] an accident.”

While being interrogated, Hubers showed absolutely no signs of remorse, she didn’t shed a single tear.

“He’s very vain. One of our last conversations we had that was good was that he wants to get a nose job,” Hubers can be heard telling police in a recording. “And I shot him right here. I gave him his nose job he wanted. I broke it.”

When left alone in the interview room, detectives were shocked by her behavior. She not only spoke aloud to herself, she also got up out of her chair and began dancing and singing, “I killed him. I killed him.”

In April, a Campbell County jury convicted Hubers of murder and suggested she receive a 40-year prison sentence. It only took them five hours to find her guilty. Prosecutors said she murdered him out of jealousy, and the jury wasn’t buying her plea that she was trying to protect herself.

According to Cisily Miller, who was an inmate with Hubers, she even laughed about murdering Poston.

She is still waiting to find out how long she will spend behind bars for the brutal shooting.