Woman Smuggles 4-Pounds of Cocaine in Breast Implants, Fails Miserably

A Venezuelan woman who arrived at a Madrid airport was arrested for hiding nearly 4-pounds of cocaine in her breast implants.

Airport authorities say she was acting strange, which prompted a tourist to report her.

She was immediately searched, but nothing could be found until a female officer noticed “certain irregularities and deformation in both breasts.”

The woman, 43, confessed that she had breast implants filled with cocaine.

She was taken to a hospital to have the implant removed, and doctors were shocked to find them stuffed to the brim with coke.

woman cocaine in breast implants

This is the second time Spanish police have caught a female suspect smuggling drugs in her bust. In 2012, a Panamanian woman tried the same feat and failed.

According to a report, this is the 189 “hot flight” (or drug bust) Spanish police have made this year.