Woman Snapchats Affair with Boyfriend’s Brother, Gets Nasty Surprise

An unnamed woman decided to have an affair with her boyfriend’s brother, and if that’s not bad enough, she took pictures of the two of them naked together. And if that’s not the tipping point this is: She posted the nude photos of them together on snapchat.

We’re not sure if this woman was trying to hurt her boyfriend, break up with him or she didn’t think he’d see the pictures before they disappeared. The details are as vague as her motives for sleeping with her man’s brother.

Almost immediately after posting the photos, however, her boyfriend saw them and recognized both his girlfriend and his brother.

You’d think he’d be angry — maybe even violent afterwards. But nah. He laughed the whole thing off. Do you want to know why? Because blood is thicker than water and he knew that his brother has several sexually transmitted diseases, which his now ex-girlfriend most likely has too.

Sometimes karma comes around on its own and you don’t even have to lift a hand to slap someone who’s been disloyal to you. Life’s funny that way.