Mom Destroys Walmart Displays, While Son Exposes Himself & Their Dog Steals Cornbread Mix

It was just another day at the Eau Claire, Wisconsin Walmart until a mother and her son wreaked havoc on the store.

Officers responded to a call after store management found 46-year-old Lisa Smith screaming at her dog “Bo” who was running through the Walmart unleashed.

Witnesses say that Bo was out of control, running wild through the store, while Smith began pulling store displays apart and putting them in her cart.

After being chased down by store management, Smith finally exited the store. Bo decided to follow suit and picked up a box of Jiffy Cornbread mix and tried to take it with him.

But it doesn’t stop there!

While out in the parking lot, Smith allegedly began performing ninja karate moves.

Back inside the store, Smith’s son 25-year-old Benny Vann took his clothing off and exposed himself to shoppers.

Vann eventually dressed himself with new clothing from the racks. Officers tried to apprehend Vann, but he jumped on a scooter and tried to run them over.

Both Vann and Smith were arrested and given multiple criminal charges.

This Eau Claire Police Department post says it all:

Bo was eventually caught taken to the Humane Association.