Woman Stabbed to Death in Front Of Her Children During Fight Over Parking Spot

A man and a woman from South Los Angeles have been charged with murder after the stabbing death of Elizabeth Yanez. Yanez, 43 years old of Whittier, was at the Santa Fe Springs Swap Meet with her two adult children when she got into a heated dispute over a parking space, KTLA reported the story.

Officers responded to reports of a fight in the parking lot.  When they arrived, they found Yanez on the ground with stab wounds to her neck and back. Yanez was taken to UCI Medical Center but later died from her injuries.

Detectives from the Whittier Police Department were able to lift fingerprints from Yanez’s car, and later arrested 22-year-old Reggie Cervantes and 19-year-old Brenda Rangel  in connection to the stabbing. They are both held on $1 million bail.

Her children, Daniel and Renee Crable, witnessed the attack, and said the situation escalated in a matter of seconds.

Daniel Crable said that his mother was a woman who had a strong attitude, but that they made it clear to the attackers that they would give up the spot.

“It doesn’t make sense to me,” said Renee Crable. “For a parking space, it was just uncalled for. I mean I just don’t understand how I’m supposed to go on with my life now.”