Woman Stabs Husband to Death, Feeds Remains to Best Friend

Okay, most of us would never kill someone, not even if we knew we wouldn’t get caught. But, let’s just say you did kill someone in the heat of the moment. How would you try to get rid of the body? 247641_36160370059_2779389a

Svetlana Batukova, 46, was found by cops next to what was left of her husband’s body on Friday in their home in Spain. The police arrived after she put in a call to them, 10 hours after the murder.

What police found was that the 66-year-old victim Horst Hans Henkels had been drugged before being repeatedly stabbed, according to The Local. He bled to death and was in a pool of his own blood when they arrived.

His flesh was torn off his body, mainly his arms, and fed to the couple’s American Staffordshire bull terrier, the Spanish online publication Periodistadigital reported.

His wife, who is a drug addict and alcoholic, was wasted when she was arrested and taken in for question. She did not speak.

She appeared in court on Monday after spending time in a psychiatric unit of a local hospital.

The couple was married in early 2016. Henkels could not talk much as a result of recent surgery on his trachea, according to neighbors.

Over the past few months, Police had visited their home because of domestic disputes. At one point, Batukova had offered a man $57,000 to kill her husband.

What a short and unpleasant marriage!