Woman Arrested for Stealing $144 Worth of Eyeshadow

We admit we’ve used our roommate’s makeup without asking once or twice in the past, but one woman took her desire to get her hands on eye-shadow a little too far.

Fayetteville police have arrested a woman who allegedly stole $144 worth of eyeshadow from the makeup store, ULTA.

Police were contacted after Brandy Allen was seen grabbing handfuls of make-up and throwing it in her purse. When the store manager confronted her about this, the 31-year-old took out the eyeshadow and rubbed her fingers over the surface to make it look used, reports 4029TV.com. Police also say Allen became rowdy and started cursing and yelling inside the store when confronted.

She has been booked into the Washington County Detention Center on shoplifting and disorderly conduct charges.