PHOTO: Woman Takes Selfie, Believes She Was Photobombed By a Grey Alien

Olesya Podkorytov was flying from the Russian city of Kurgan when she took a selfie. After reviewing the selfie some time later, she realized that there was something strange in the top right corner of the photo.

Upon closer examination, she concluded that it was an alien.

Podkorytov claims she didn’t see the “bizarre-looking image of a creature” until she posted the photo on Facebook.

“I uploaded the picture on my social media page, and then all the questions and comments hit me,” she told Central European News (CEN).

She is convinced that the creature is a large alien that is often seen in movies. Look closer and you’ll realize that there is a ray of light going through its “head.”

Alien expert, Viktor Lunev told CEN, “Pilots and stewards are very superstitious and maybe there is a reason.”

As the photo has zoomed through the social media world and become a huge topic of discussion, there are three theories being passed around:

1. It truly is a grey alien that somehow made it’s way onto the plane unnoticed. Or possibly the creature was able to make itself invisible to passengers and decided to become visible for a split second.

grey alen

Grey aliens are supposedly (“according to eyewitnesses”) as slender with large heads and black eyes. Because of the lack of gravity in space, they are deprived of oxygen and are grey in appearance.

2. Someone is amazing at Photoshop and decided to play a big trick on the world.

3. It isn’t an alien at all, but instead is a cello case.

ClassicFm pointed out that they think it’s nothing more than a cello case. As proof, they shared the following compilation of images.

alien cello case

The real question remains — what do you think?

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