Woman Tells Telemarketer She’s Recording Him and He Immediately Freaks the F*ck Out

Extreme angry man shouting at the phone

Anyone who’s ever had a nice dinner or nap interrupted by a telemarketer knows just how annoying those calls can be.

Generally, people just hang up the phone the second they realize they are being pitched, but sometimes they get lulled into staying on the line to hear what they have to say.

The woman in the video above decided to tell the guy who called that she was recording him. Boy, was that a bad idea! Immediately after telling him this, he totally flipped out on her, saying that it was illegal.

In most states, it is legal to record a phone conversation if at least one member of the conversation has given consent. This protects what is being said from being secretly recorded by an outside party. Mark from Chatsworth is not a very friendly guy. He actually sounds kind of like a serial killer.

Anyway, he then proceeded to harass her and not give up any information about why he was calling in the first place.

Just listen to what he has to say in the video above. How would you react to a situation like this?