Woman Turns Her Real-Life Break Up Texts Into Comically Heartbreaking Art (PHOTOS)

Break ups suck — everyone knows that. They suck even more when done via text; when people take the easy way out.

But for New York-based artist Allison L. Wade, real-life break up texts have given her another reason to create art. In her recent exhibition called It’s Not You, Wade took texts she both sent and received while her relationships were falling apart and turned them into a comically heartbreaking representation of modern day communication.

“The work is rooted in heartbreak,” she told A+. “I received a text from a guy I was dating that said, “I’ll contact you after the burial”. And I never heard back from him. This inspired me to consider the role technology plays within relationships and love—and how we negotiate intimate territory in the 21st century.”

That’s one way to let go.