Woman Visits Doctor After Suffering from Bad Breath, What They Discovered Will Gross You Out

Do you suffer from bad breath no matter how much mouthwash you use? For some people, no amount of brushing or swishing can eliminate the odor. The reason? Often times it’s tonsil stones.

They are little (or disgustingly big) white spots that form on our tonsils, and they can make your mouth smell really, really awful. That’s because the stones release a gas that has a nasty, sulfurous stench.

Tonsil stones are actually just lumps of mucus, bacteria and calcified food that get trapped in the back of your throat. Once that stuff starts to harden and decay, it not only makes people avoid talking to you, it can also be difficult or painful to swallow.

While the stones sometimes spontaneously fall off and disappear on their own, some people choose to undergo laser resurfacing to remove them or choose an at-home procedure.

If you can stomach it, check out our Disgusting Video of the Week above.