Woman Walks Around NYC Without Any Pants, Goes Almost Unnoticed

Admittedly we’ve all had those nightmares where we find ourselves walking around in public in our underwear or completely sans clothes and the usual response from passersby is that of ridicule or shock. Even though they’re dreams, it’s completely mortifying.

Well it turns out, one can in fact be out in public with their private bits hanging out and go completely unnoticed. Such was the case of one woman who recently roamed the busy streets of New York City pants-less to see how people would react, and found almost no one even realized she was naked.

Okay, maybe she wasn’t completely bare. Artists painted her legs to give the illusion of jeans before she set out and they did such a good job that the people around her were none-the-wiser.

There is one exception, though, and it’s completely hilarious. Watch the video to find out.