Woman Who Killed Child Molester Cleared of Murder

An east London woman who drunkenly stabbed to death a serial child molester during a confrontation was cleared of murder by a court. She was found guilty of manslaughter by a jury at the Old Bailey, where she heard her verdict. She will not receive sentencing until she undergoes mental evaluations.

“Somebody had to protect people, somebody had to do something,” she reportedly said about her actions.

Sarah Sands was caught on CCTV cameras going to the home of Michael Pleasted last year. Pleasted and Sands were neighbors.

Pleasted, age 77, was a known child abuser with a criminal record going back to the 70s. Before the confrontation with Sands, Pleasted was set to face trial for two new allegations of child sexual assault.

Sands, who was found to be drunk on brandy and wine at the time, arrived at Pleasted’s apartment hiding a kitchen knife, hammer, and a wrench in her purse. She got into a confrontation with him, and stabbed Pleasted eight times with the knife.

She then called a friend in tears, and said she “poked him” with the knife. Pleasted bled out from his wounds, one of which was a nick to his a major artery in his left arm.

When she turned herself into police, Sands apparently told officers “I took care of it, I stabbed him.”

Although she was acquitted on the murder charge, she was found “guilty of manslaughter due to loss of control,” according to The Mirror.

See the chilling CCTV footage below.