PHOTOS: Woman’s Hair Is 8 Feet Long After Not Cutting it for 35 Years

A 59-year-old Chinese woman, named Gu Meiying, let her hair grow for 35 years because she believes long hair helps maintain health and longevity.

She hopes to make the Guinness World Record holder with her 8-foot-long mane but, unfortunately, the record is currently held by another Chinese woman named Xie Qiuping. Xie Qiuping has 18 feet of hair on her head!

According to reports, Gu Meiying started growing her hair in 1980 when she was just 24 years old. She tied her hair back when she worked as a farmer. It’s gotten so long and matted together now that she can only wear it as a single braid. The hair no longer separates.


Sometimes Gu Meiying wears her hair in an enormous bun above her head. Sometimes, she wraps it around her waist. And she claims her hair doesn’t stop her from working.

Washing this bundle is a different story, however. She says it takes a week for the mass to dry out completely. Despite the nuisance, she told the Daily Mail, “I always treat my long braid like a treasure and talisman. I think growing hair is like maintaining life so I haven’t cut it.”


Gu Meiying is of the Miao ethnic minority, one of China’s 56 recognized ethnic minorities. Many people in her culture believe that their hair is related to their life line. Most of the women only cut their hair once in their life. Some are said to collect the hair they lose every day in a bunch and wear it on their heads.

Another tribe, known as Long Horn Miao, keeps the hairs of their ancestors and creates elaborate head-dresses for religious festivals.

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