Woman with Facial Birthmark Embraces Her Beauty Because She’s Perfect

Cassandra Naud is our new favorite person. She is the living embodiment of what we strive to be every day – completely confident in our bodies and accepting of the fact that we were born perfect.

Naud has a unique condition called hypertrichosis, which causes excessive hair growth on certain areas of the body. In her case, she has a birthmark that covers up half of her face. When she was younger her parents had to option to have it removed but decided against it due to the risks the procedure carried.

cassandra-in-postAt 22, Naud is grateful her parents decided to forego the operation and completely embraces every facet of her being. Even though the mark caused Naud to be self-conscious at a young age when she encountered judgment at school, she has grown to accept the experience as one that has shaped her to be the incredible, confident and able person she is.

“My birthmark makes me unique and memorable […] It is who I am, and I honestly don’t feel it has ever held me back,” she said in an interview with Best Daily.

In fact, she says the birthmark helps her standout and is advantageous in her career as a professional dancer. Check out the video below showing off  Cassandra’s incredible talent.