Woman’s Dead Body Mistaken for April Fools’ Mannequin

This has got to be one of the most disturbing mistakes we’ve heard of in a long time.

A 61-year-old desk clerk stepped outside a senior housing complex for a smoke break earlier this week and saw the body of an elderly woman on the ground, who had jumped to her death while dealing with depression.

Instead of calling the police, however, the clerk simply went back inside because he believed the body was just a mannequin and that her blood was fake.

He later explained the reason for the oversight: It was April 1st and he figured the “mannequin” was part of a prank.

Later another employee found the body as well but was told by the clerk it was just a prank mannequin. According to the Tampa Bay Times, the employee recruited the help of two newspaper delivery people to move the body to a nearby dumpster.

It wasn’t till around 8AM – four hours after the clerk had first seen the elderly woman’s corpse– when a maintenance worker noticed it in the dumpster and realized it was a real body.

The clerk has been fired from his job, but no charges have been filed against him, since police believe it was an honest mistake on his part.

Check out the video news report above.