Woman’s Mummified Body Discovered in Foreclosed Home Remains a Dark Secret (VIDEO)

Whenever we hear stories like this and then learn that the deceased still had living relatives, we are shocked that nobody ever wondered where they disappeared to, or bothered to check up on them.

Carmen Garcia-Viso was considered a recluse. She lived, and died, all alone in her home in Cape Coral, Florida. That home has now become a catacomb of sorts.

According to news-press.com, the woman died in her bedroom and was never removed from the house. She was found on the floor by William Wilson, who purchased the foreclosed home at auction, completely mummified.

Neighbors allege that they had not seen her for about three or four years, but suspected that she meet her fate in her home on SE 19th Lane. It was reported that her daughter lives in the Miami area, though she hadn’t been coming around for quite some time.

Due to the metal gates and bars on the windows, her neighbors were unable to figure out what really happened.

No one knows how she died, or how long she had actually been decaying on the floor.

Ron Lane, 61, was one of the folks who believed she was dead inside.

“We couldn’t get through to check on her because of the bars,” he said. “I figured that’s what happened.”

When Wilson contacted the Cape Coral Police Department, he explained what kind of scene he walked into.

“I bought a house at a tax-deed auction,” he told them. “Apparently the reason it was full of unpaid taxes, the owner died and she couldn’t pay her taxes. Nobody ever came and got her, so she’s still in the house.”

Although unable to identify the body, Wilson trusts that it’s the former owner. He gave grisly details of what he discovered inside the home. The woman’s mummified corpse had apparently been partially devoured by a pet  bird or insects.

Would you want to live in or renovate a home that someone spent years decaying inside of? Wilson is now left with the difficult decision of what to do with his new acquisition.