Woman’s Pickled Head Found in Public Toilet, Brother Accused of Murder

Why would someone murder his sister? Why would someone pickle a dead person’s head? Why would someone leave it in the toilet?

Those are some of the questions rising out of a perplexing story involving a Taiwanese man who has been arrested on suspicion of killing his sister, pickling her head and leaving it in a public toilet.

Prior to the 36-year-old woman’s death, her brother “purchased at least four insurance policies for [her] that would give him substantial sums in the event of her death” according to The Daily Mail.

This and a few other facts points to Chen Chia-fu, the 37-year-old brother, as the chief suspect in the case.

The woman went missing in December, but her remains weren’t found until a note matching Chia-fu’s handwriting was sent to the police detailing the location of the body and asking for a ‘proper burial.’

That’s when they discovered the head, rubbed with several layers of salt and wrapped in a plastic bag. The rest of the body has yet to be found.

Chia-fu was taken into custody after police found surveillance video footage of him “carrying [bags of] unidentified objects,” reports NewStraitsTimes.

The siblings lived in Taipie, which is in the Northern tip of Taiwan, but the footage showed him in Chiayi, a southern city.  The police suspect him of taking a train to dispose of her head in a secure location.

For his part, the suspect denies any involvement with his sister’s murder.