Women Are Buying Positive Pregnancy Tests to ‘Lock Down’ Their Men for the Holidays

We totally get the allure of having some form of a love life during the holidays. It’s not uncommon to want to have someone to cuddle up next to when the temperatures drop.

But there isn’t one good explanation in the world for what several women are apparently doing to ensure their new beau doesn’t leave them in the cold: buying positive pregnancy tests.

Yes, this is happening. According to Daily Mail, pregnant women are peeing on sticks to show a positive pregnancy result and then selling the tests to other women on various websites so they can ‘lock down’ their men for Christmas.

One Craigslist advertisement states: “I have positive pregnancy test for those of you who need a little help holding onto your man through the holidays, shoot me a message for $20 each.”

Because, you know, who wants to rely on their own personal appeal to keep a guy around?

To be fair, many of the kits being sold are being advertised as “prank kits” and not necessarily as a means to tie down your partner. But police are warning this is no laughing matter, as buying these positive tests could end you up in legal trouble, ranging from libel to false misrepresentation to blackmail.

Check out the news clip above for more.