Women Banned from Praying at Mall

Fox News reports that there was a group of Georgia women banned from praying inside a mall.

The Dublin Girls are a group of local women whose purpose is to encourage both physical and spiritual exercise.

The ladies are known to run around the town of Dublin, Ga. in Chick-fil-A cow and superhero costumes, often decorating their shoes in tutus and feathers.

“The group was started to be healthy, and to be spiritually healthy, too,” founder Tammy Brantley explains.

More recently, the spiritual runners encountered an issue when they were power walking through a mall.

Once they gathered in a quiet prayer circle a mall officer approached them and demanded they stop, claiming such activity is against mall policy.

“I told him we’ve been praying since last November and no one said anything about it,” said Brantley.

Members of The Dublin Girls asked to speak with the mall manager, who explained that they had to implement this policy after certain religious groups were bothering and trying to convert shoppers.

Since the mall is private property, the manager is allowed to create such rules and regulations.

“It’s really heartbreaking,” said Brantley. “Who would have thought something like this could happen in the teeny-tiny town we live in?”

The ladies of The Dublin Girls stated that they would love to go back to the mall one day, but only if the prayer ban is lifted.