Woman Locked in Shed for Six Years Because Her Parents Hated Her Boyfriend

24-year-old Zhang Qi was forced to dump her boyfriend in 2009 because of her parents’ disapproval. Though she repeatedly told them the relationship was over, her parents locked her in the remote property in the village of Jingang in central China’s Hubei province. If anyone asked, the parents said their daughter was mentally ill and being kept for her own protection.


“Her parents are powerful people here and everyone was told not to interfere,” said villager Chow Jen. “Everyone knew about the girl in the house.”

Chow was the one who revealed photos of Zhang and the conditions she was forced to live in, claiming he no longer cared about “their threats” after moving away. He felt he must expose the photos since local authorities refused to intervene.

He said:

Every time I came back for Chinese New Year I went to visit her secretly. On my latest visit though I saw her lying on a pile of straw with a couple of blankets and some food around her and I just decided enough was enough.

Whether what they say about her having mental problems is true or not, she is being treated like an animal here and I’m sick of it so I contacted the police, and then posted the images online.