Women of Death Row: 15 Photos Before and After They Were Sentenced to Die

NOTE: Scroll to the bottom of this post for a list of the women on death row and details of the crimes that landed them there.

As of October 1, 2014 there were a total of 57 women on death row.

The circumstances that lead many of them to spend the rest of their lives in prisons across the country are often incredibly tragic. Female inmates on death row are more likely to kill their own family members than men, including their boyfriends, husbands, parents and even their children.

They will live out the rest of their days having meals slid through a small slot in a steel door, confined for over 22 hours a day in a concrete cage the size of a parking space, and more likely than not, without genuine human contact.

What caused them to commit such atrocious crimes? About half of the women on death row claim they were victims of domestic abuse, child abuse, or both. The majority have also suffered from mental illness or been addicted to drugs.

In the slideshow above, you’ll see photos of what the women looked like before they were sentenced to die (left), and what they looked like after being incarcerated (right).

  • Darlie Routier was charged with killing her two sons in 1996.
  • Christie Scott murdered her six-year-old autistic soon by setting her home on fire with him inside.
  • Cathy Henderson kidnapped and murdered a three-month-old baby boy.
  • Maria del Rosio Alfaro was charged with burglary, robbery and the murder of a nine-year-old girl.
  • Emilia Carr is the youngest woman currently on death row. She kidnapped and murdered her lover’s estranged wife.
  • Cynthia Coffman killed four women with her partner in crime, James Gregory Marlow.
  • Cathy Sarinana convicted of first degree murder and torture of her 11-year-old son on Christmasday.
  • Patricia Blackmon murdered her two-year-old adoptive daughter.
  • Brittany Holberg sentenced to death for killing an 80-year-old man by stabbing him 60 times. She also shoved part of a lamp down his throat.
  • Christina Walters randomly murdered two women as part of a gang initiation.
  • Susan Eubanks shot and killed her four sons, ages 4, 6, 7, ad 14.
  • Catherine Thompson hired a hit man to murder her husband.
  • Carlette Parker kidnapped an 88-year-old woman then drowned her in a bathtub after stealing money from her bank account.
  • Angelina Rodriguez killed her husband with oleander tea and antifreeze laced Gatorade.
  • Manling Williams convicted on three counts of homicide for the death of her husband and their two sons.

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