Women Trash McDonald’s Because They Missed the Breakfast Menu

Warning: The video above contains strong language, violence and a lot of thrown chairs.

Is this a sign that it’s time to start serving all-day breakfast at McDonald’s? Maybe so: Two women completely lost their sh*t after discovering they were too late to order off the breakfast menu.

Hungry for McGriddles and hashbrowns, the two women were told they could not be served the breakfast items as it was past 10:30 a.m., the cutoff for McDonald’s breakfast. The women were set to leave the restaurant, but an argument was started with another patron.

Their subsequent belligerent meltdown was caught on tape at a Philadelphia McDonald’s. The video shows an argument between the two women and a man, with the women throwing chairs and punches. They even broke a broom over the man’s head.

Shocked customers look on as the women scream and swear, knocking things to the floor and hurling furniture across the restaurant.

One woman can be heard threatening “I will smack the sh*t out of you.”

Incredibly, police say that no arrests were made.