Women Try Cosmo’s Flirting Tips on Guys in Real Life with Hilariously Awkward Results

The art of flirting comes naturally to some people. For the rest of us, a little bit of guidance is appreciated. Publications that offer dating and relationship advice understand that, and as a way to help, have both time-tested and fresh new tips on how to deal with the different aspects of dating, including flirting.

Unfortunately, time and time again we’ve seen that the tips offered in many of these sources are either difficult to execute, look silly or are just plain bizarre and don’t make much sense. It makes you wonder where they’re even coming up with these ideas from.

The folks over at Buzzfeed are tuned into the ridiculousness of these pieces and so to test out just how well they do or don’t work, they asked women to try out some of the flirting tips on guys in real life.

The result: Some of the things sort of worked, the rest were as awkward as you’d imagine.

Check it out above for yourself. This is sure to inspire some laughs.