WonderCon Cosplay Photos – Fan Costume Pictures

This past weekend thousands of fans and professionals alike descended on the Anaheim Convention Center for WonderCon 2013. This popular arts convention originally started in  San Francisco, but due to scheduling issues with the Moscone Center, convention organizers had to move the event to Anaheim for the second year in a row. This could be a great move for the convention — which is run by the same organization behind Comic-Con International: San Diego — because the event drew in record numbers of attendees.

Programming at WonderCon was vast, with the majority of panels dedicated to the comic book industry. From breaking into the business to finding out what big story arcs are happening in the upcoming months, fans were treated to numerous surprises. While major companies like DC and Marvel comics all got their day in the sun, so did numerous small and independent companies, which hearken back to the convention’s roots. Hollywood also made a big splash, with panels dedicated to shows like Arrow and Revolution, as well as panel discussions and previews of hot upcoming movies for 2013.

However, for many attendees some of the biggest thrills come right in the exhibitor halls. “Cosplayers” are fans who dress in costume, and though they were once mocked in movies and TV shows for their dedication, they are now mainstream in convention hallways. Indeed, they’re part of what makes these events so fun and memorable.

FTK sent our very own Mari Provencher to attend the event and she scored some amazing WonderCon cosplay photos from the weekend. From Dr. Who to Star Wars, the Justice League to Spider-Man, Disney characters to tons of anime faces we don’t even know, the halls were crawling with activity.

So sit back, click through the pics, and enjoy the fun.