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You Won’t Believe What This Live Clam Does When Left All Alone in the Kitchen (VIDEO)

Few people have ever seen a clam move. In fact, there are plenty of folks who believe these particular mollusks are completely immobile.

Have you ever seen a clam in action? Using its muscular foot, clams are able to move themselves around, as well as dig into the sand and mud to prevent being eaten by predators.

They are simple creatures, at least, compared to other animals. Clams may not have a brain, but their shell is filled with a stomach, gills and reproductive organs; not to mention, a foot or “tongue” like you see in the video clip above.

It may look like the clam is attempting to lick salt off the counter, but according to a marine biologist, it’s simply using its foot in an attempt to burrow itself back into the sediment where it normally lives.

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