World’s Woolliest Sheep Gets Shorn for the First Time

The video above shows a sheep with an enormous coat of wool being shorn for the very first time. A Merino sheep called Shaun is getting international spotlight for possibly being the woolliest sheep alive. The 6-year-old Shaun is believed to have never been shorn, according to the Telegraph.

He was discovered in Tasmania by farmers Peter and Netty Hazell who were shocked by what they came across.

Peter told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that the sheep couldn’t see very well from the wool over his face.

After he was shorn—for what they suspect was the first time in his life—Shaun’s wool weighed in at an astounding 52 pounds. While this might qualify Shaun as the world’s woolliest living sheep, his did not surpass the world record holder from New Zealand named Shrek, whose fleece weighed 60 pounds.

Sadly Shrek passed away in 2011 because of age-related problems, the BBC reported.

Now that Shaun does not carry the weight of a lifetime of wool on his shoulders, he will probably be making guest appearances and tour agricultural shows.  Netty Hazell said he is already scheduled for an ABC news interview.