Why Do These All-Natural Chicken Eggs Taste and Smell Exactly Like Fruit?

Here’s a riddle: What looks like an egg, but tastes like a fruit?

The answer is a yuzutama egg. Yep, Yamasaki Farms in Japan has started producing eggs that look and are prepared exactly like regular eggs, but have the smell and taste of a citrus fruit popular in the region.

The yuzu is described as a cross between a lemon and mandarin orange and has “a taste that is similar to orange blossom water with a sharp grapefruit note” according to The Telegraph.

The eggs aren’t genetically modified in any way, and are instead laid by chickens who are fed a diet of yuzu peel, kale, sesame seeds and corn. The fruit ingredient has a strong impact on the aroma and flavor of the eggs they lay.

The farm’s website states “Greatly reducing the  distincitive fishy smell in eggs, we have succeeded in clothing them in a refreshing citrus scent. They taste sweet and full bodied, and the smell stirs the appetite.”

The farm recommends eating the eggs in a dish called tamago kake gohan, which consists of cooked rice and raw eggs, but you can serve them in whatever way you wish.