World War II Vet Beats Up Thug with Cane

A World War II veteran was mugged… well, almost. Arthur Kamberis, the 95-year-old vet, was leaving a pharmacy Saturday morning when a man approached him.

The would-be robber grabbed Arthur by the arm and reached for the wallet from his front pocket, but Arthur wasn’t willing to go down without a fight. The senior citizen took the only weapon he could find — his cane — and hit the thug several times with it. Nearby pedestrians rushed over to help, but the man ran away leaving Arthur unharmed — and with his wallet.

While in most situations authorities warn people to surrender their belongings, Arthur told WMUR-TV he had a lot to lose and would not be a victim. “I had my credit card, my license, my grandchildren’s pictures in there and all sorts of stuff it would have been wicked for me to replace.”

Arthur Kamberis was a trained solider, having lived through the Battle of Okinawa 70 years ago. The man who tried to rob him was not very aggressive, but Arthur admits, “I probably hurt him a little bit.”

So far, authorities haven’t found the man who tried mugging Kamberis. He is described to be about 5-feet, 10 inches tall with brown hair and brown eyes. In the meantime, the veteran is being hailed as a hero once again.