The World’s First Robot-Staffed Hotel Will Be Opening Soon

Do you ever check into a hotel and think the staff seem a little too — oh, what’s the word — human?

If so, the world’s first robot-staffed hotel opening in Nagasaki Japan may be right up your alley. The unopened Henn-na Hotel, located within a theme park, will be partially staffed by a team of androids functioning as reception attendants, robot waiters, and cleaning staff. The hotel will also employ a whopping 10 human employees.

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While many of the robots look like clanky metal sci-fi fixtures, many of the robots, called “Actroids,” will resemble a young Japanese woman. They’re currently being developed by Japan’s Osaka University and manufactured by the Japanese robotics company Kokoro.

Live Science reports:

The bots will be able to speak Japanese, Chinese, Korean and English, make hand gestures, and pull off the somewhat creepy feat of mimicking eye movements.

The android-staffed hotel will be part of a theme park called Huis Ten Bosch, which is modeled after a typical Dutch town. Hotel guests will be able to access their rooms using facial recognition software instead of keys, if they choose.

“We’d like to draw visitors to this setting surrounded by nature by establishing a smart hotel, which could be something we could spread through Japan and the world,” said a spokeswoman for Huis Ten Bosch.