World’s Greatest Freediver Mysteriously Disappears

Natalia Molchanova holds the most world records for freediving. She can hold her breath for nine minutes at a time and dive deeper than 300 feet.

According to a post on her Facebook page, Natalia was diving off the coast of Spain on Sunday when she vanished. Those who were with her at the time of her disappearance believe she was in over 100 feet of water and got caught in strong currents. She was diving for her own pleasure and not a competition.

Once her fellow divers noticed she was missing, they began to search. After having no luck they used their radio to call for help. That was when a full search was conducted. Teams looked for Natalia until dark on Sunday and then began again on Monday morning.

Natalia Molchanova has set 41 world records and has 22 gold medals. Today the search was called off as there has been no sign of the 53-year-old diver and mother since Sunday. Her family has hired an underwater robot that will continue to look for her.