Meet Pixel, the World’s Shortest (and Most Adorable) Cat!

Tiffani Kjeldergaard from Potrero, California, is currently waiting to hear word from Guinness on whether or not her cat, Pixel, will be entered into the record books.

At just five inches tall (measured from paw to shoulder), Kjeldergaard believes it is the world’s shortest cat.

The average house cat is anywhere from nine to 10 inches tall.

If the height is confirmed, Pixel will receive the title and snatch it away from Cye, a 5.35 tall Napoleon Munchkin cat from Canada.

According to Kjeldergaard, Munchkins, which are a relatively new breed recognized by The International Cat Association in 1995, “win hearts over like crazy.” Their really short legs are caused by a naturally occurring genetic mutation.

“Even people that aren’t cat people go crazy for them. They say about how cute they are and how they want to take them straight home with them,” she said.

Despite critics of the breed voicing their worries over potential health problems, Kjeldergaard doesn’t see any cause for concern.

“People who don’t understand the gene consider it a genetic defect or mutation or something of an abomination. It’s very unfair for them to say that. It’s natural for these cats to be this tall, just like it’s natural for some people to have brown eyes — it wouldn’t be wrong for them to have blue eyes. It’s their build and it’s natural for them to be built this way.”

Apparently, the only thing to be careful of is making sure not to trip over or step on the tiny cats.

“You can’t leave doors open, you can’t close refrigerator doors too quickly because one of them may have snuck up at the bottom of the door and stuck their head in,” Kjeldergaard explains. “We have to move very slowly when we walk so we don’t step on anybody. Everyone of them has been stepped on or kicked once because it’s just what happens in a house of munchkin cats.”

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