The 23 Worst Cake Fails Ever

A cake decorator’s skills are showcased at the center of many kinds of special occasions. Fancy cakes are beautiful to look at, a great way to tie-in the theme of the party, and delicious. Elaborate confectionery art create a polished atmosphere, and can become the talk of the party. Frankly, what talented people can do with fondant is mind-blowing.

And nowadays it’s easier than ever to capture special events on camera, and to share and provide cherished memories for all our friends and family.

What does that mean for all you aspiring cake decorators out there? Sometimes, it can be a great way to get your name out there. Other times, it can spell disaster.

When what was supposed to be a beautiful cake/decorative masterpiece is a complete fail, it is going to show up on the Cake Wrecks blog.

Here are the top lessons learned from the parade of fondant-covered disaster.


Spell-check is the single most important tool in your arsenal. You may think it would be a fancy piping-bag or frosting-tip. But it’s not, it is spell-check.


Choose colors wisely. Is that chocolate or is that poop? Nobody should have to ask that before they take a giant bite of cake.

Shape and Space

Think about the shape and size of the cake, and how you use the space. Does it flow? Does it look like an offensive body part?

Check out these 23 worst cake fails ever that have been immortalized in the archives of the internet for the world to laugh at and shudder.