Worst Celebrity Feuds of 2014

Celebrities are used to being the center of attention, receiving endless fan adoration and pretty much getting their own way with most things in life. But what happens when their star power is challenged, dissed or topped by another famous person? And what if that other celeb was a friend at one time, and has not become an enemy? Or maybe a friendemy?

Oh, things can get NASTY!

There are a lot of these “worst celebrity feuds” videos and slide shows popping up right now, so we decided to post our two favorites here.

They of course cover the now-infamous Katy Perry / Taylor Swift battle, which resulted in a Mean Girls-referenced tweet like the one pasted below, and a bunch of other nonsense involving boyfriends and friends of friends or something like that. (Who can keep track at this point?) Then there was the possibly forgotten Freddie Prinze, Jr. and Kiefer Sutherland work argument, a Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom girlfriend punching, the amazing Solange and Jay Z elevator battle, and so much more.


Lets take a look at the top celebrity spats of 2014, and enjoy that fact that our personal battles aren’t broadcast for everyone in the world to see.

Image: Pop Dust