14 Worst Celebrity Fake Tans

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Celebrities are often known for their perfect tans, but sometimes, they don’t get it right. Even with the help of stylists and professional makeup artists, there are some celebrities who can’t help but find themselves in melanin mishaps.

You’ve probably seen it–the stained hands, raccoon eyes, or the dripping, streaking bronzer creeping down someone’s legs. It’s not a pretty sight. But who can blame them? Sunless tanning methods such as spray tans, bronzers, and creams, are safe and quick methods to achieving a deep, rich Hawaiian Tropic glow without using a tanning bed or enduring the dangers of the sun.

However, like most things, a little goes a long way.

When a fake tan job is botched, trying to attain optimal color simply leaves people looking overdone, and not like they just returned from a month-long trip to Saint-Tropez. This is why you shouldn’t rush out to a tanning salon for a last minute spray tan! Orange is NOT the new black!

We don’t know when it became a trend in Hollywood to look dried up and suspiciously orange, but if we had a glam squad of our own, we would hope they’d make sure that we never went out in public looking like these worst celebrity tans.

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Anne Hathaway
Did Anne Hathaway skip reading the instructions on her bottle of fake tan before going out for a stroll? Luckily, this ridiculous tan was part of her role played in the film Bride Wars, co-starring Kate Hudson.

Charlize Theron
Who can forget how sexy and how orange Charlize Theron looked when she accepted her Academy Award for Monster?

Aubrey O’Day
Singer and reality TV star Aubrey O’Day must have decided to indulge in an extra coat of spray tan before heading out for the evening.
She probably should have used this award-winning product for a more natural tan.

Oompa Loompa
This look is never hot.

Tan Mom
Patricia Krentcil is one person you don’t want to listen to for advice on how to achieve a well-balanced tan. But knowing some facts wouldn’t hurt…

Christina Aguilera
This Voice judge has definitely had her fair share of fake tan mishaps. Like that one time when she performed at Etta James’ funeral and it dripped down her legs.

Victoria Beckam
Victoria Beckam loves her bronzer… maybe just a bit too much.

Jessica Simpson
While Jessica has gotten noticeably less carrot-colored recently, she has expressed regret for hitting the tanning bed too frequently.

Katie Price
Katie Price believes using fake tan is more detrimental to pregnant women than sunbeds.

Kelly Osbourne
It’s safe to say that Kelly Osbourne has a little problem with spray tanning. She can’t seem to get it right.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian’s hands show how applying sunless tanner can sometimes backfire.

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan is a repeat offender, especially when it comes to self-tanner!

Paris Hilton
Sometimes, Paris looks so dark, that even her tan has a tan.

There are ways to achieve that A-list sun-kissed look all year long without causing any damage to your skin or looking ridiculously overdone like Valentino here.