13 Worst Golden Globe Dresses, Ever

The broadcast of the Golden Globe Awards is an event highly anticipated by Hollywood elite and entertainment enthusiasts alike.

The Golden Globes, which recognize achievements in 25 categories, 14 in motion pictures and 11 in television, are voted on by the mysterious and illusive Hollywood Foreign Press. The Globes are held at the Beverly Hills Hotel, in a room where food and drinks are served to schmoozing guests.

But the appeal for many people rests not in the broadcast of the ceremonies, or lists of winning actresses, actors, or the big wins for film and television programs. Instead, they’d rather check out all the fashion fails that take place on the red carpet.

We love it when a star takes a fashion risk. Even better? When a star pulls it off.

Sometimes, though, they fail.

And sometimes there is nothing more entertaining than A-List looks in D-List fashion flops.

Here are 13 of the worst Golden Globe dresses, ever.