9 Real-Life Horrendous (but Hilarious) Job Interview Horror Stories

Many of us have experienced at least one bad job interview where we left a less-than-stellar impression on the interviewer. And hey, it happens. Sometimes you’re nervous; other times you might not have enough experience in these situations to feel comfortable. Whatever the case, most, if not all, of us have experienced those moments where we walked out of the office feeling deflated or even mortified.

Some people, however, go above and beyond during their meetings with a prospective employer – and not in a good way. We scoured the internet and found stories of people looking to be employed, but instead made the interviewer’s decision much easier – again, not in a good way for the candidate.

From admitting to being buzzed, to showing extreme disinterest in the position, to flat out insulting the prospective employer and more, the following are some of the most insane job interview horror stories we have ever heard of.  Like we said, we know things can happen during these moments that trip you up, but for these instances, we really can’t think of any good excuses.

Check out the list of the top 10 real-life interview blunders and quotes.

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