These Tattoos Are Bad Decisions That Will Last Forever

For thousands of years, people around the world have marked their bodies with tattoos.

Tattoos have always been associated with a form of self-expression or part of a culture, but today it’s becoming increasingly more popular to get inked just for the hell of it.

Too little thought, or better yet, none at all, is being placed on the designs that people are choosing to embed in their body’s sacred flesh.

But who knows! Maybe getting a Monster Energy drink logo on your forehead or misspelled spiritual affirmations is a rite of passage for people these days.

It’s no longer just the domain of sailors, bikers or inmates. It’s for people who want to have an onion tattooed into their armpit.

All of these tattoos are bad decisions we never want to make! They are probably some of the worst tattoos we’ve ever seen.

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