Worst Valet Ever — Wrecks $500K Lamborghini

No matter how bad your day gets, it’s probably not as troubling as this poor valet working at the Le Meridien Hotel in New Delhi, India.

The Times of India reported — and the video above shows — the event in action. An unnamed hotel valet took the keys to a $500,000 Lamborghini Gallardo and prepared to park it for the owner. However, something went wrong and as you’ll see he lost control of the vehicle, nearly hitting hotel guests before crashing it into a parked car and then into a concrete pillar.

The damage? Major — clocking in at around $330,000.

“The car had been parked by valets a number of times before,” Nipun Mglani, a friend of the car’s owner, Abid Fateh Mohammed Khatri, told the Times of India. “Even that afternoon, the valet took the car to the parking safely¬†and even brought it back to the porch area without any hassles.”

The valet was taken to the hospital and treated for a head injury, but then released the same day.

“We have given him leave until such time that he recovers psychologically and till the time that the insurance claim and other processes clear through,” a hotel¬†spokeswoman told AFP. “We may not put him back on valet. We will give him time because he may get nervous initially.”