Would You Help a Freezing Child?

Back in 2014, a group called SOSbarnebyer Norge (SOS Children’s Village — an international humanitarian organization that works to provide children a safe home) created a video social experiment. They placed a young boy named Johannes at a bus stop, in Oslo, Norway. It was winter, and it was freezing cold.

With hidden cameras in place, they wanted to see how everyday citizens would react to the young boy. Would they help him out, or would they ignore him and continue on with their day? The results are found in the video above.

The filmmakers said on their YouTube page, “The film is made to raise awareness of the situation for children in Syria, and to raise funds to SOS Children’s Villages is their winter-campaign. Children in Syria are freezing and you can help by donating.”

Though the video came out a couple years ago, it’s been brought up on social media in recent weeks. As such, we thought we should share it with you again. Check it out, and see what happens. They may surprise you.

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