Would You Literally Freeze Your Butt Off to Look Like Kim Kardashian?

The hottest new trend in beauty? Freezing your fat in an “icy butt-lift” meant to emulate Kim Kardashian’s famously shapely backside. Kim’s curves are instantly recognizable—and not just because she misses no opportunity to flaunt them! Her rear has a distinct contrast to her upper thigh and lower back, which creates a dramatic visual and curve when viewed from the side.

Now, in an effort to attain the same effect on their own bodies, women are turning to a fat-freezing treatment. The procedure is usually done in two 45-minute sessions.

The butt lift uses fat-freezing technology, is non-invasive, and is said to be painless. The freeze destroys fat cells, and targets the region at the base of the back, and at the top of the thighs.

The process leaves frozen fat cells damaged, which are then detected naturally by the body and then flushed out—leaving only the contoured curves where the fat once was.

When shaped in this fashion the contrast ratio between bum-to-back creates a “shelf- like” shape.

According to experts in the field, there has been a huge increase in demand ever since Kim Kardashian appeared on the cover of Paper Magazine while exposing her bum.

Would you want to freeze your butt into perfection?

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