Would You Play a Game of Tattoo Roulette?

Often times people think long and hard about their tattoos and plan them out way before they ever actually step foot in a tattoo parlor. One group of risk-takers have decided to shake things up and choose their tattoos a little differently.

That’s how tattoo roulette was formed. Participants who agreed to be a part of a video project produced by Elite Daily bravely rely on a carnival-style game to get a randomly selected tattoo design.  They drop a little puck into a game board and hope for the best.

The body part where the tattoo will be inked is also randomly selected in this manner.

If you ever watched ‘The Price is Right’ then you remember the game Plinko.  Tattoo roulette is just like that.

According to Elite Daily this is how it works:

Step 1: Place the puck in the Plinko board to determine your tattoo. Some of the insane tattoos include, ‘come, come, my lady’ written in Comic Sans font and a beautiful portrait of Donald Trump’s toupee.

Step 2: Place the puck in the board to determine the placement of your tattoo, no backing out now!

Would you ever play in a game of tattoo roulette? Let us know below!