Would You Spend a Night in the ‘World’s Largest Grave’?

There have been many mixed thoughts and feelings about Airbnb. Whether someone had the best experience or the worst, it’s really a hit or miss when it comes to renting or hosting a home to strangers. This offer, however, seems appropriate with Halloween approaching.

Airbnb decided to give two brave souls the opportunity to spend a night in the ‘world’s largest grave.’ An underground catacomb in Paris that houses over six million human skeletons will be up for rental.

To be considered for this free offer, candidates must submit a 100-word maximum story that tells Airbnb why they are brave enough to be the first persons to ever have a night in the catacombs.

The entire offer includes a private tour, a culinary experience and a bedtime storyteller, who will read stories to the pair before they fall asleep. On October, Airbnb paid to have the tunnels privatized so the pair could have it completely to themselves.

The one rule for Airbnb guests is, ‘Respect the catacombs as you would your own grave.’

France Country Manager of Airbnb Nicolas Ferrary said, “Our travelers are always on the lookout for original experiences and what could be more unique for Halloween than spending a night among the bones and ghosts below Paris.”

Would you be brave enough to spend a night with six million skulls and bones? Check out their website and enter to win.


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